Dental hygienists work alongside dentists to provide oral health care to patients of all ages.


Getting into dental school can be expensive. An average graduate leaves school with $292,169 in student loan debt. However, the average dentist salary is higher than the average, and dentists are often considered excellent candidates for student loan refinancing. This will allow them to secure lower interest rates on their loans and pay off their debt faster.

As you gain experience, your earnings will increase. In general, dentists with five or more years of experience earn $129,000 more than those with four to 25 years of experience. General dentists specializing in implants earn $129,000 more than general dentists without implant experience. In general, dentists with more than 10 years of experience earn more than associates.

Dentists earn

Dentists earn a variety of salaries, depending on their experience, location, and specialty. The lowest paid dentists earn a median annual income of $72,840, while the highest paid dentists earn $208,000 per year. The following is an overview of the average dentist salary by state.

offer plush

While some dental practices offer plush salaries to attract new dentists, these salaries may not be the right fit for the dentist’s needs. As a result, dentists should carefully review their contracts and ask questions about their compensation model before accepting an offer.

For example, dentists hired as independent contractors might be paid more in the beginning, but they won’t get benefits like health insurance, dental plans, or pension plans. Additionally, as an independent contractor, dentists are responsible for their own taxes.


This means that they will need to save some money to pay for taxes. There are few studies that link financial incentives with the quality of care provided by dentists.


However, increasing acceptance of performance-based reimbursement systems suggests that dentists will be impacted by these practices in the near future.


The benefits and risks of performance-based compensation programs will affect all sectors of the health care industry.

Dental Industry

The dental industry is growing rapidly. Experts predict a 19% increase in dentist jobs nationally between 2016 and 2026. This is much faster than average, and it’s likely due to an increasing population and increased awareness of oral health. However, the outlook varies by state and specialization.
Bonuses offered to dentists can be tempting, but they may not be the best choice for every dental practice. Regardless of your goals, it’s important to consider the tradeoffs before signing on the dotted line. Some people may be happy with the stability and security of a corporate practice, while others may want to buy their own practice someday.

Bonuses offered


Bonuses can be a great way to motivate your team, but they should only be offered when your practice is in growth mode. The right bonus system will motivate your team to work hard for your patients, lowering stress levels and encouraging responsibility.